Remember that one class?

In school did you ever take a class or have a teacher that truly impacted your life? For me it was a speech class at community college Speech was never my favorite thing to do. Getting up in front of the class and trying to remember a speech when you are completely nervous. While most people are lucky enough to be able to use note cards. I could never use them because my vision is not great and every time I would look down at them it would take me a couple seconds to focus to read from them then would totally lose my place in my speech. That all changed in this one 6 week summer course in college

I remember thinking what a great idea I had taking the 6 week course. I only had to give 3 speeches instead of 6. The one day my professor was talking about stage fright and his experiences with it. He gave us many of his own examples but then he said something so simple and so profound it reached my true passion for talking in public. He said “So What!”. In the sense,so what about what anyone else was thinking, so what, If you forgot something in your speech. No one really is going to know anyway.

Suddenly I was excited to jump into my research and work on these 3 speeches. Instead of worrying about note cards I practiced my speeches to the point that it was ingrained into my brain I couldn’t forget! I practiced in front of my parents, in front of my dog, in front of my friends, in front of the mirror. I was so prepared and so excited. I ended up getting an A in the class and rave reviews from the professor. I suddenly realized I could do anything I put my mind to This class, this professor changed my life and my outlook on public speaking. I just let go of my fear and the results were amazing! I wished I could have done more!

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