Can you help?

Have you ever wondered to yourself how can I do more to serve others?  How can I lead my life as an example of God’s love?  I am only ONE person and that can become overwhelming if you look at all the help that is needed in this world.
Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves into believing that we have to perform huge acts of service to make a difference but sometimes the little things we do for others make a huge difference.  Unless God has called you to do missionary work or traveling the globe to spread the gospe that’s is great but if not that’s okay.  Everyday if we open our eyes to the possibilities of connecting with one another.  Here are some little things you can do in your day:

1. A simple smile to a stranger
2. A hug or encouraging word
3. Show someone gratitude
4. Compliment someone.
5. Write a letter to someone dealing with illness**
6. Write a letter to support someone in our military
7. Pay for someone behind you at Starbucks
8. Offer to babysit a family that really needs a night out
9. Grow your hair long and donate to Locks of Love
10. bring treats to your To your local police, fire, EMS

These are just a few of the possibilities. Imagine what you can come up with! Listen to that voice inside you that urges you to say something positive or do something good.  Every single one of us can make a difference.

Heavenly Father
I pray for all of your children to be open to all the possibilities in our day to reach out to others. To share our love and service to them  help us most when we get caught up in our day, ourselves and our distractions to remember that all that stresses us and worries us are temporary and that your works and love is eternal.  I ask you to please help us to do our best to lead a life of example so when others see us they really see you and all your glory.  Thank you God for all that you have blessed us with and help us to remember that all things are possible with You.
In Jesus Name We Pray

Inspire others. Inspire yourself!

** A great organization where you get connected with patients dealing with cancer. All you do is write to them to encourage them. It’s simple and a great way to connect.  Here is the link for Chemo Angels if you are interested:!angel-pre-app/c1n5s

2 thoughts on “Can you help?

  1. Pete

    I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed your posts. Kudos on having the courage to put your thoughts and feelings out there for everyone to read!
    I myself have been turning to Jesus for this very reason. I never had much of a relationship with my dad growing up and now as a single father I stress about how to be a good father and example for my kids…
    thanks again for sharing and I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your kind words. The fact that you have such a desire to be a good father tells me you already are one. Stay strong and keep your faith. My prayers and blessings to you


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