Dads are special

What is your relationship with God outside of church?  How do you strengthen and build on that relationship?  I wonder how your view of your earthly father can affect your view and relationship with your heavenly father?  Can this relationship then in turn affect all our relationships?

I guess in my own journey I want to have a close relationship with God and for my relationships to be centered around him.  I feel very lucky to have grown up with such a great dad.  He isn’t perfect by any means but I could always tell how much he loved us. He worked so hard to provide a wonderful life for my mom and brother and me.  He couldn’t always be there because hecwas working so hard but he was always home to eat dinner with us and support us at my dances and sporting events. I felt safe and protected. He is a man who  always did what is right,  reached out to help anyone and goes to church every week.   He also has a tough side where you kind of had this fear of him if you didn’t do the right thing. Not a fear that he would harm you but one in which he would be very disappointed and you may lose his respect but you never lost his love.  Growing up I felt he was too strict and I could never do anything wrong or my biggest fear was in disappointing him.  Today I thank him for looking out for me and helping me not go down a bad path that I watched so many friends go down.   With this example was laid a foundation for what a father is to me.

What if you didn’t have a such a great example?  How can you realize how much God loves you?  We must first realize that our earthly  fathers are not perfect, not without sin and are human.  On the other hand our Heavenly father is perfect and gives us unconditional love. This can be hard to understand if you have never been given this. Until you come upon the story of Jesus.  God gave us his only Son to show us that perfect love and then he died for all of our sins!   If you can’t imagine a perfect father because you didn’t have one please read the story of Jesus. Take time and pray and heal and grow from all that you have been through in this life and know that there is more to your story.

This relationship with God cannot be maintained only by  going to church. It’s like only seeing your dad on Christams. How can you grow together in that relationship?  There are so many prayers and bible verses to read to help you build that relationship. They are a steeping stone to developing your personal relationship. Think of God as your father, a good father the father you can imagine having and just speak to him as if he was standing in front of you.   He is there, waiting, listening, hoping you will come to him. He wants to have a relationship with all his children and he loves you no matter what you say.  Tell him how you feel, thank him for all he has done, cry out to him about things you don’t understand.  When you start putting your life in God’s hands he will lead the way.

What if you have this relationship with God or don’t have it, will this affect your other relationships?  I cannot promise you there will never be struggles in your life or your relationships but once you walk the path with God you will realize there are people that will teach you, people that will test you and people that will truly love you.  All of this will help make you stronger for what God  has in store for you.  There is a bigger plan that we cannot see, set before us. We just have to trust and believe. These relationships will be more fulfilling,  filled with more love because they are not based on your relationship with that person they are based on your relationship with God

I want you to feel as close,  if not closer to our heavenly father as I do my earthly father and I wish all of you to share that with me as my brothers and sisters

Heavenly Father
I thank you for opening my eyes to all the blessings of this day.  I pray to you and ask that each one of my brothers and sisters be open to a close personal relationship with you. We may not always understand your answers to our prayers but pray we can put our trust and faith in you
In Jesus name we pray

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