Disconnect to reconnect

How has technology affected our personal relationships?   If our goal here, from a Christian viewpoint, is to connect with one another and build relationships with each other, how has technology affected this dynamic?

We live in a world today where technology has benefited us so greatly in the speed in which information reaches us. We can connect with so many more people in such a short time you would think we would feel more fulfilled in,our relationships but how real and personal are these relationships ?  As far as information reaching us sooner that is fantastic but as far as developing real connections with people I feel like the signal gets lost.  As Christians we want to connect with people to share our joy and messages from God.  We want to know that people are really there for us and we are truly there for them  A text or message over a computer doesn’t feel like enough.  When we actually reach out and hold someone’s hand or whisper a tender message in their ear that is true connection.

So many people today live in their own little cyber world.  Where they have 5,000 Facebook friends or twitter followers but never leave their homes to really connect with others.  Our children love playing their video games and being online as much as us adults do. Is this affecting the socialization of our children. Are they struggling to be able to communicate to actual people instead of who they encounter in their cyber world.    As parents we always feel protective of what our kids are exposed to and in life that can be a challenge in itself. We just need to pay close attention to what they are being exposed to on the web as well.

I am not against technology by any means. It has brought things to my attention I had never known or imagined.   I have connected to people I may never have crossed paths with naturally but have taken some of this friendships offline as well.  There needs to be a balance.  We still need that in person connection with one another.  God wants us to live amongst each other as brothers and sisters.  To show each other the love he feels for us to one another.  While an encouraging text or Facebook post is thoughtful so much more is felt in someone’s embrace or seeing the joy on a child’s face

I just know in my own life, I find myself getting caught up online and have to pull myself away. It can be an addiction.  I try to then disconnect and really focus on my relationship with my son, my family, my friends. They are all right there in front of me and really there for me. Just like God is always there for me but I have to reach out and make that connection. It doesn’t just develop on its own. It takes time and effort on my part but the rewards are worth it. When my son is overjoyed when I see him score a soccer goal or my mom’s smile when I ask her to lunch. Time spent with loved ones is truly priceless.

Just remember to take time each day to disconnect from technology for a little while and take the time to connect with God and each other.   This time together will mean more in your life than the number of  followers you have, I promise this.

It’s okay if you are unsure where to start or how to really connect with others.  You just need to try that is all that is really needed.  Stay positive and encourage one another

-1 Corinthians 12:26 –

If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.

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