God vs Santa?

Christmas is just around the corner. People will be flooding to the retail stores to find the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones.  Decorations will be everywhere.  With all the craziness of the holidays with shopping and Santa and elves, do we  even remember what Christmas is really about?   I mean why are people even exchanging gifts and celebrating?  I feel like that gets lost in the true meaning of Christmas. Where Santa and gifts are celebrated but the mention of God offends people.  I mean they want to rename it Soarkle season or have everyone say Happy Holidays.  Why don’t I just say what I celebrate and you respond in what you celebrate?  Merry Christmas, thank you Happy Hannakah.  No one needs to be offended   We can all just accept our freedom to celebrate what we believe.  

Santa is ok to celebrate but Christ is not?   Santa is a well known made up character that we tell our children about.  ( I am sorry if I ruined that for any believing adults ;). ).   Yes it makes Christmas fun, yes I have even celebrated with my own child  When I learned that their wasn’t really a Santa I wasn’t too devastated but it still has you question what is real and what is a lie.  Am I saying don’t teach your kids about Santa. No!  It still is a fun tradition and inspired by a Christian, St. Nicholas.  He was a man who was known for his generosity to the poor and children.  So in a sense we are still celebrating Christianity  there just really isn’t a jolly man in a red suit riding in a sleigh delivering presents.  

Then we try to remember and talk about the true meaning of Christmas when Christ Jesus was born.  God sent us his only Son to become a man like us. To experience life like us but to live the life of truth.  Everyone starts to get offended. People want to remove Christ from Christmas. They Are offended if they see a nativity scene outside a church and rally to have it torn down.  They fight to remove ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance. And remove a child’s right to pray at schoo before his lunch.  Everyone wants Christians to accept them for their differences but they won’t accept our right to believe.  

There is scientific evidence of God’s existence. There are miracles and blessings in our everyday lives.  There is a whole book called the Bible written about God. Yet no one wants to talk about him  Some say he doesn’t exist. If God does not exist why does he stir up so much emotion in people.  People don’t get offended by Santa and we KNOW he doesn’t exist.  Maybe that emotion they feel is that they can’t handle the truth in their own lives.  Maybe they don’t like to think of a world where there is consequences for their actions. Maybe they feel some connection to God but they have traveled so far away they don’t understand what they are feeling. Maybe the Devil himself is causing their anger so they won’t see the light.  Whatever the reason is I ask you how can someone who supposedly doesn’t exist cause such an uprise in people?

God does exist. I know in my heart and soul.  I know by the works he has done in my own life.   That is all the proof I really need.  I have read the Bible. I know of God’s love for us. The sacrifice of his ONLY son so that we may live an eternal life with him.  You can ask your questions. You can have your doubts.  I know. I hope and pray that one day everyone knows and feels that kind of love in their hearts.  I know St Nicholas was touched by God’s love in his heart to give to others as he did. So next time you cross paths with someone who is Christian and they happily declare Merry Christmas just smile and accept us and respond in whatever you call this upcoming season and we can smile back knowing that their is love between us no matter what we say or believe.  

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