Love Story

Our love story was a difficult journey that found its way to a happy beginning. I say a happy beginning because love truly has no end.  Our love story is not one you would read about in a romance novel or fairy tale but of a journey through finding God’s love we realized our love story has always been there for us. Waiting until we were ready for it. 

I live my life with no regrets. Yes I have made mistakes along the way. I have fallen down more than I would like to admit. These mistakes, all these supposedly wrong turns led me to him.  While in one sense I mean God but in another God led me to Jason.  I searched for love never knowing the right answer.  How do you find the one?  What is he supposed to look like?  How is is suppose to treat you?  I never got it exactly right but I did learn.  I learned along the way what I didn’t want in my relationship.  I learned what I expected from the one to be like. What I didn’t learn until much later is in all this time trying to find Mr Perfection I was missing the biggest step of all, making myself into the one and following God’s plan.  
You can search and search for the one all you like but until you realize God’s love for you, how can you,  yes you, know how to love someone else?  It isn’t about them being right for you it is about two people who love God and each other enough to work really hard at their faith and their relationship together.  So while our love story is not written by a human author, ours is written by God. He really is my favorite author because he brought who I needed in my life    He heard my prayers and he answered.  Did I realize right away that he had answered so fully, no I didn’t.  It wasn’t until we took a step back and realized all we had been blessed with did I realize fully what God had given us

This love story is more than I could even imagined to ask for. He sent me a man who loves God so much that he knows exactly how to love me.  Does he have all the answers?  No but neither do I.   We both know who to look to when we feel lost or uncertain of the next step. We look to our heavenly father.   When I finally realized God’s love for me then I knew how I needed to love others.  God is the greatest romantic.  He sent his only son into the world to show us what that kind of love looks like and then for him to die for us, for our sins so we can be saved. That is the true love story. In this I found God’s love and truly appreciated Jason’s love. While our love is not a perfect love like God’s. We are two people who fight through the struggles of life in hopes that love always wins.  

No one ever said as Christians our lives would be easy but that it will be worth it. We will struggle, we will feel pain and suffering but through our weakness we will find God’s strength and that he will pull us through all of this. I’m not sure what kind of love story you want but I will gladly accept one written by God.  My faith in knowing God’s plan will reveal itself keeps me motivated   

1 John 3:16
16 By this we know love, that dhe laid down his life for us, and ewe ought to lay down our lives for the brothers

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