Things kids say

Kids ask a lot of questions. Which is great it means they are curious and want to learn. Some of the questions can be tough though and require more thought than just a quick answer.  When my son asks one of these tough questions I try to take a moment to really be thoughtful of my answer. I always want to give him age appropiate information and never want to tell him” I will tell you when you get older”because we were all children and that was so frustrating to hear as a kid
My son had a friend whose grandfather had passed away and his questions were concerning death and where he went.  Growing up I remember my mom being so scared of death. Every time someone got sick I saw her get herself sick just thinking they were going to die. It scared me. Luckily I learned in my faith to trust God and not fear death.  I didn’t want to scare my son I wanted him to think of death as a beautiful thing. Just the next step.  I told him when we die we go home. We go back to Heaven where we came from to be with God again. While it is sad to leave our loved ones behind we know we will see them again when it’s their turn to come home. I told him he need not worry about that right now because God wants you to grow up and learn a lot of things while you are here on earth and then when you get old you go home.  He seemed happy about this and went about his day
One day he comes home after visiting with his other grandma and tells me they got into an argument. He told me that he told her that she was old, she knew everything she should go back to God!  Oh my!  On one hand I was amazed that a simple thing I taught him, he somehow managed to turn it around and send his Grandma away!  I was glad he didn’t know about Hell or he might have sent her there!
Of course I told him that is not how it works. God will decide on her time and I explained to his grandmother what I had taught him
I was just trying to ease his concern about death. Which he does not seem afraid of but who knew how he would twist it around.  Kids are creative!

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