Thank you letter


To whom it may concern,
I believe everyone that comes into your life has a message for you.  I believe there are people here to love you, people here to teach you a lesson and lessons you are to teach others   My reason for this letter is for those that try very hard to put others down to help themselves feel better  Thank you all who try your best to bring me down or argue with me against my beliefs. It has and will only make me stronger. I know that I have God standing for me so how can I worry about anyone against me. Any time you try to hurt me or make me cry I just turn to my God and hand my sorrows and worries to him. You help me have a closer relationship to him. You don’t even realize it but you help me. Thank you for trying your best to knock me down. I know you are just coming from a place where you need to feel better about yourself.  I know you have insecurities and need to have control. It’s okay I understand.   I know you have been hurt in life and are just reaching out for some reaction, any reaction to receive attention. It’s okay God loves you and I understand and forgive you.  I pray that one day you come to know God and feel his love in your heart because it is amazing. I will never pretend to be someone I am not. I will never stand down for my beliefs. I will try to always do what is right even when you try to tackle me down because I live in a world with consequences. I have a heavenly father to answer to.  I remember listening to Wayne Dyer and he said something in regards to conflict with others.  It is not a relationship where it is me against you but me and my relationship with God.  I pray that you can find peace in your heart to not attack others or speak so negatively of others. I pray there is a day when your anger disappears and you just feel love for others. I know that is my goal in life. Yes some are harder to love than others but we are all God’s children. Now while I applaud you for making me stronger at the same time I feel sorrow for you for the life you must live. I imagine it to be filled with pain and suffering. Its okay I understand  If you only knew God. If you only took the time to open your heart to him. I promise you the world would look like a better place for you.  The thoughts you fill your life with become your reality. If you choose to be more positive you will see more positive. If you choose negative you will see negative. I will always be thankful for you and pray for you. My thoughts will always try to see you in a better light. I know I have done nothing to you. I will not take it personally. I understand you have your own struggles.
I wish you all the best in life
With love

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