Eat Turkey. Don’t Shop

What do the holidays mean to you?  Growing up it was about time with family and friends.  To gather with loved ones and be thankful    Today we are losing that with retail stores opening on Thanksgiving.  This does not affect me in my line of work but it affects people I care about. It affects people not being able to share these precious moments with their loved ones. The holidays have become more about shopping.  Materialism over family. How does that sit with you?  Are you affected by it?  Why is our world becoming more caring of stuff than people?

I urge you and I encourage you not to shop on Thanksgiving. What’s next? Stores opening on Christmas.  They already try taking Christ out of Christmas with saying Happy Holidays   Are we so consumed with work and materialism that we have lost sight of caring about people.  If you stay home and wait til Black Friday to shop then you will give so many people the opportunity to be with their loved ones.  Doesn’t that feel better being a part of something like that than fighting over the best deal?  Stuff is stuff. It will be on sale again I can assure you of that.  Half the time the stuff you are buying is made in a foreign country so you aren’t even helping your own country by going out anyway. Help your fellow brothers and sisters be with their families

What if we got together and took a stand for something good?  What if we didn’t shop at places that are even open on Thanksgiving?  I certainly don’t want to give my business to companies that don’t care about their employees.  I want to give my business to the companies that are closed. I want to encourage them to continue doing so.  I can’t just sit and enjoy my turkey dinner knowing someone can’t be with us because they are working.

So join me and stay home on Thanksgiving. Then go enjoy the craziness and the deals on Black Friday. Go join the insanity that day but let us try to keep the holidays for family and friends.  Can you stay home?  Is it that hard?  You would be doing so many people a favor.  They should do away with even thinking of being open on Thanksgiving.   It’s a time to give thanks.  Stay home recognize the holiday. Give thanks with your family and friends and you will feel so much better for it.

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