I’m going to rewrite my story. I am going to rewrite it so it all works out. Where I have everything in place and happiness fills my whole body and the feeling of being stuck is a fading memory.
How do you rewrite a story so far into the book?  Change is the one word I seek. If you don’t like something change it. Make a different choice. Choose a different ending.
Everyday I wake up I get to start a new chapter. A new day filled with different choices and possibilities.  Your life is what you make it in the choices you make. You want a different life?  Make different choices. Is it that easy? No!  Making different choices can take time to really change things but if you head down the path you truly desire then you are halfway there
I have so many ideas running through my mind of the changes I want to make. The only problem is finding where to start. Finding the answers that lead to the path I so desire.
I need to let go of trying to be perfect.  Trying to always be in control. I need to let go, dance in the rain, take time to go for a walk, disconnect from technology and reconnect with me. Find my dreams again. Discover my next adventure.  The door is right there waiting for me to turn the knob. So what am I waiting for? Go!

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