Magic moments

Do you ever have days where everything falls in the right place. The puzzle pieces fit and you know what to do. You feel as if you are fulfilling your purpose. Then there are those days where nothing happens or nothing goes right and you think ” what am I supposed to be doing?”

I wish everyday could feel like the good days but I try to look at the difficult days as learning days, growing days. How can you go further or do better if you don’t learn more, grow more, reach more and truly appreciate those magical days if you don’t have a few difficult ones in there. Well sometimes it can be more than a few
I do tend to appreciate those good days so much.  I hold them close and dearly to my heart. I think it is what motivates me to continue and move forward. To look forward to experiencing more of those. 
Then I wonder, what if there are people that don’t get to experience those magical moments.  What if I could bring that to their day with a smile, a kind gesture. Something so they know that they are recognized, cared about. That they do matter.  Then I realize all over again. In between my magical moments I have this amazing Love from God that I can share with others to bring a light into their day. How amazing that each and every one of us holds that power inside. Given to us by our Heavenly Father.  This can help make every day feel a little more magical. 

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