A sense of community

 We are so busy with our noses in our gadgets and devices that while we feel we are so connected to everyone and everything in reality we are disconnected from everyone
Face to face human contact is so valuable. Today though you see more people who don’t know how to connect with people in person.  Their is a sense of awkwardness instead of ease. 
We need to get back to a sense of community.  Look around your neighborhood. Do you know your neighbors?  I remember growing up having block parties and the whole neighborhood got together?  Do parents know their friends parents?  Take time to meet your neighbor. Let them know you care and are there if you need each other?  Do you know your church members?  Can you look to them when you need help or someone to listen?  Get involved. Get to know one another. Let them know you are there and you care. Do you know your local firemen? Police officers?  Support them. Meet them.  Let them know you are grateful for their service. 
Little things like this are just the start of a great community. I love my community. My son’s friends’ parents are all such great people. My church community feels like visiting family every Sunday. That’s just the beginning. It’s just the start. 
Where in your community can you help?  Where can you reach out?  Who haven’t you met yet?
What an amazing thing if we all started participating in our own communities. How much more they could thrive. This could lead to joining communities, towns, cities and so on. We could depend and rely on one another. The network of people who truly cared. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t take that much time. All we have to do is disconnect from technology and reconnect with the wonderful people that surround you. 

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