Negative vs Positive people

What are your thoughts on positive people vs. negative people? I think both types can be categorized in different ways.  

Some positive people have had a lot of negativity thrown their way but somehow have managed to rise from it and find a silver lining or lesson learned. Then there are people who appear positive but have suppressed or ignored their negative feelings. They express positivity to everyone but deep inside they haven’t addressed the negative. Not that this second type isn’t horrible for everyone else because they are uplifting others but can their positivity last and are they living an authentic life? Maybe it is a fake it till you make it?

Negative people are not bad people. Positive people try to avoid or wean away from these types. I get it they seem to drag you down. Maybe they need the most uplifting? Instead of looking at them as bad maybe we can look at them as people who just haven’t learned to see the silver lining yet. What a blessing to figure that talent out. Negative people are just the same as positive people. They just seem to know and own their negativity. But have they dealt with it? Not really they just dwell in it. 

So what is the point of all this? Just that maybe if we try to take a walk in someone else’s shoes we could see how they see and be more understanding. Reach out. Smile. Lift up someone’s spirits. Then maybe it wouldn’t be negative vs. positive. We can all be uplifted together. 

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