Worth the Wait


Worth the Wait
This post is very important to me and very personal. Some may not agree. Some may not be able to even imagine this choice. This is all okay because this is my journey. These are the choices I decide works for me from my experience. 
All of my experiences have been life lessons to get me where I needed to be in my journey.  

I decided about 5 years ago to not have sex again until marriage. I am not a virgin. I have not had many partners. I am a single mom.  

My faith has always been with me in this journey but has became more important after having my son. Before him I wondered why things weren’t how I wanted them to be. I wished I had waited til marriage but I didn’t and even with that I asked God to forgive me and I wanted to live my life right and according to God’s plan for me. Through all the mistakes and missteps in life, God had given me the greatest gifts of all, his unconditional love and my son. My son is a blessing and a joy I hadn’t thought I could have deserved. His birth saved my life in the way that I turned towards God and moved closer to Him. I decided I wanted to be a good role model for my son and the best way to teach him  is not necessarily from my words but my actions, my example.  

I made a promise to God, my son and myself that I would wait til marriage. With knowing full well the challenge this would create for me in today’s dating world. I’m okay with that because I don’t want just any man. I want a man that loves God first because then he will know how to love me right. I want a man that will understand and respect my decision. This will set him apart from all the others. Could I even end up alone? Yes but that is the risk I am willing to take to follow my heart. I know God has a plan for me. I have seen and experienced so many of His miracles and blessings.

Will this be an easy task to achieve? No. No because I know what the experience of sex is. The love and closeness you feel. My body will crave it. Since deciding this I have dated someone. We dated for 2 years. He respected my decision and while it was a challenge, we never did. We learned to just not put ourselves in situations where this could happen. We didn’t last. This was not the reason by any means and friends we have remained. It just didn’t work out. I feel with each person you have sex with and it doesn’t work out you leave a little bit of yourself behind with them. My future husband deserves the whole me or as much as I can give him. So I know it’s possible. I want to do things right to thank God for all he has given me and to live a life of great example to my son and know that I am truly loved by someone who is willing to wait.  ❤️

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