In Your Heart ❤️ 

When did  you truly feel God’s love in your heart?

We go to church. We hear the gospel. We help others. We know the bible. We may even have key verses memorized. We go through the motions of knowing but do we feel it? We know God loves us but do you truly feel it? Does it fill every empty void inside you?  

I’m sure everyone’s journey is a different one. Some may still be walking towards that path. Walking and wondering when it will connect from the mind to the heart. When knowing you are filled with the Holy Spirit to actually feeling it. It’s not something I can truly explain. Kind of the same way when you become a parent the love you feel for your child. Before becoming a parent you hear so many parents say I felt him/her growing inside me and I loved them. Or I looked at my newborn and felt so much love I couldn’t explain. It’s overwhelming and amazing. So you hear this and you know they felt that and you anticipate one day when you will feel that. You have knowledge but not yet that connection. Once you have your child you know exactly what they have been talking about. It feels indescribable.  That is what it feels like to know and feel God’s love

In my journey the connection didn’t click until I fully understand what God did for us. What Jesus did for us. He came here to experience what we experience. To feel the pain and suffering we feel. He died for us. DIED!! Can you imagine someone who does not have to do this, doing this for YOU. He was without sin yet he died for a whole bunch of sinners. It is truly amazing. I cried because in that realization, in that moment I felt His unconditional love. This was after having my son so I knew that same feeling towards my son. I knew how God felt about me. How could I possible deserve this? With that, just like you wish to make your earthly father proud of you all I wanted so much for my Heavenly Father to be proud. Even though I knew he loved me NO MATTER WHAT! Just like I love my own son. No matter what my son does in this life, I will love him. I asked God to forgive me and then and there MY personal relationship with Him was born. 

I had always known he was there but felt like God was a distant figure in the far away sky. Only he was always there I was the one far away and then I found my way back

I want you to have this beautiful feeling. I pray that your day will come when that connection is made but until then keep moving toward Him. Keep praying and talking with Him. You will get there. I know it and I feel it. I believe in you and the faith that is inside you.  

That connection is the missing puzzle piece you have been searching for your whole life.   You will not fill it with more money, more material possessions, more lovers. God’s like be is the only thing that fits to complete the puzzle. I have faith you will know and feel that in your heart.

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