Difficult People

Did you ever stop to wonder why difficult people are placed in your life? The ones you can’t walk away from because they are connected to you in some way, whether family or work etc. did you ever think about maybe they are there for a reason? To teach you something about yourself.? To react differently. Did you ever wonder why they cause you so much hurt, pain and tears? Maybe they are hurting, maybe they are so broken they don’t even realize what they are doing to you. Maybe it’s the only way they know how to feel good temporarily. Maybe we are supposed to react with love towards them? Maybe we are supposed to pray to God for them? Ask God to heal them and make them feel whole again by filling all their emptiness with His love. We all have moments when we feel lost or broken inside. Maybe we are placed there in their lives to show them the love they lack, forgive them and let it go. This does not excuse their behavior, no one has the right to treat anyone this way but maybe there is a reason for it. What if we are doing God’s work by being the one person to show them and teach them about God and His love by showing them love? I just wonder if there is more than, they are just difficult people we have to endure? Can we change how we react? Can we make things better for them, at least when they are around us? Pray for them, bless them, give your hurt and pain and troubles to God and He will show us the way. My intention is that when you see me or know me if you don’t already know God that you want to know Him. You want to seek Him out and wonder how you can feel that love. I’m a work in progress. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes all the time but each day I’m blessed to start fresh and try my best once again. Maybe there is good in those difficult people placed in our lives. I pray for all that feel broken or lost to be filled with God’s love. In Jesus name we pray. Amen ✝🙏

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