New Day. New Start

Who is in control of your day?  You?  God?  Circumstances?

How do you approach each new day? Do you just let the day happen to you or do you set your intention for how you would like the day to go?   
The way I try to look at the new day is a fresh new start, a blessing from God. No matter what happened yesterday, today on this day you get a fresh start to do better and be better. I thank God for waking me and giving me this opportunity to serve Him again. Hoping I can do more, do better and treat others better than yesterday. I set my intention to how I would like my day to go. To take in whatever challenge is thrown my way. Letting God lead my way. I try to handle it how God would like me to. I pray my eyes, ears and heart are open to God’s messages and blessing of this new day. I know I will mistakes. I know I’m not perfect but in my heart I will try. A new day. A new start.   

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