Keep going

I have been told that I’m ridiculous for sharing my faith publicly because behind all this I’m not perfect. That somehow I have no right or no business sharing this with others because I mess up. I never ever have claimed to be perfect or holy. I have never claimed to know everything or have this all figured out. I know I am flawed. I know I don’t always say or do everything perfect. Whose standards am I trying to meet anyway? Who has the right to judge what I do besides God? If I am in the wrong please let me know because I don’t want to hurt others. I don’t want to do wrong by God. I want to please my Heavenly Father and I know I probably don’t always but teach me instead of judge me. Guide me instead of hate me. 

What if I’m not perfect should I not share God’s Word? What if I still make mistakes even though I go to church, pray, read the bible. Should I stop talking about Jesus? Because I’m a sinner does that mean I don’t have any right to share what I learned? Because I don’t always say the perfect things or act perfectly all the time. Should I give up? No! Absolutely not! And let the devil defeat me? Never? Give up on the souls I could reach? Never! No one is going to knock me down from sharing that God loves us perfectly even though we are not perfect. Do you understand He sent His Son to die for us?! Can you even imagine that kind of love. So even though I’m not perfect and I mess up God loves me anyway. And when I mess up I learn and pray for forgiveness and try to do better. Be better tomorrow if I’m given the blessing to do so. Can I ever repay God for all He has done? Unfortunately not. What I can do in my imperfect state is share God’s Word so we can all join together in His Love. We can love and accept one another Are we going to mess up? Probably. Are we going to hurt one another in actions and words. No doubt. But we have got to keep trying. Keep learning. 

Keep reaching for our Heavenly Father to guide us. 

Don’t give up

Don’t stop

Keep reaching

Keep praying

Keep reading the bible

Keep sharing

Keep encouraging 

Keep loving.  

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