I would rather be single than meet someone who isn’t you

I would rather be single than meet someone who isn’t you

If I close my eyes maybe I could see you. If I close my eyes and imagine who you could be maybe when I open my eyes you will be there. Standing in front of me. Whenever I think of you, I wonder where you are, who you are, what you will look like and if possibly you are thinking about someone like me?

Do you even exist and will I ever cross your path? Can I see you? Hear you? When will it finally be time for our worlds to connect?

It is a mystery floating in the air. It is fun to imagine and daydream of you. I wonder how you will fit into my life? How I will fit into yours? I would rather be single than meet someone who isn’t you. There are so many “not” you out there. Will you be as I have imagined or even better?  

I wonder too if the opportunity has passed me by or will another chance present itself? I hope and I pray that when the time comes my eyes will be open and my heart will be healed. 

I imagine you will adore me and my son. My friends and family will welcome you as yours will welcome us. 

I don’t expect us to always agree but I do hope we always love and respect one another. 

I believe God is preparing me as He is preparing you. I believe we will meet and be together in God’s timing I’m learning to trust this more and more.  

I imagine it all to make sense and be completely magical. I imagine us working everyday together to show each other that love. I imagine us awake at night talking and sharing our faith. I imagine you to be my rock, leader towards God, my best friend, my forever love. 

When I am where I need to be and you are where you need to be then we will find our way there together

Until then you will only be a thought, a dream, a mystery 💫

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