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A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

Something to think over. Something that’s inside my heart and wanted to share. Would love feedback, thoughts and ideas. All positive of course.

If you could go to one place,one location and find all the resources you need, would you go? What areas of your life do you wish someone could help you with or give you quality advice and not cost a fortune? In any area of your life?

Where do you see the need? Some may want to organize their home, finances, career, relationships. Now i will never claim to be an expert in all of these fields or that I have it all together but what if we built a community that was there to truly listen and help. See a need, fill a need.

What if your life was better for it? What if then you could also reach out to others to do the same? We would all be uplifted from something like this.

I want to live and build up my community so we can all live our best lives being our best selves. Where confidence triumphs over fear. Love conquers judgement. Success over failure. We can never know if this can work unless we try.

I’m working on pulling my resources to lend a helping hand. I want to share my faith, help healing through massage and essential oils. I want to encourage good health and wellness. I am very passionate about organizing different areas of my life, whether my home, my finances or even daily, weekly schedule. I love to plan for things, vacations, parties, life’s adventure. I am a great listener. I want you to feel seen and heard. To help you become the person God has intended you to be. Letting fears, stresses, worry, anxiety, physical or emotional illness losing its power in our lives and allowing truth, confidence and wellness to prosper.

How can we possibly expect to fulfill our purpose here with out the help of one another. We were built to live in community with each other. As one family. As brothers and sisters in Christ. How can i hep you in your journey and how then can you help others?

What if we all pulled our resources to uplift and encourage one another in life’s adventure? Just think what we can accomplish together rather than alone.

Always a Storm

On the deck having coffee. You could see the storm coming. I stayed. I waited. It came and there was a kind of calmness and beauty in. I was covered but watched the storm happening. I knew I was ok. That no matter what I was going to be ok. You see that confidence and clarity comes from my faith and knowing that I belong to a big and powerful God who loves me. #godisgood #god #jesus #rain #thunde #storm #calm #peace #joy

Why even worry?

I just want to share with you this story.

First it is important to know that I am passionate about keeping kids engaged and involved at church and in their faith.

One of my biggest concerns is of them walking away from the church one day.

These fears stem from my own experience and how I wished I would have stayed close to church during those important growing teenage years.

Yet grateful my parents laid such a strong foundation that I knew where to return when I remembered I needed Jesus.

Also a concern as I watch my son growing up in a world determined to pull him away from his Christian beliefs. I try to provide balance in his life but make sure Jesus is at the center of our lives.

I want church to be his choice and so far in his young life it has been his.

As he grows though it seems sometimes he wants an option to not go or not read the Bible. I try to give him his space and he always returns.

Maybe our prayer and bible time means something to him too. Maybe when I say “ok you don’t have to tonight”

he then maybe misses it and realizes it is special to him. I’m hoping anyway.

Now to my whole reason for writing.

Last evening after his fellowship with his pap pap and the men of church at the baseball game, he comes home wanting to play some video games.

It is late though, on a school night for such activities but this does not deter his desire to do so. He gets ready for bed.

You should know that we are in the midst of reading Prince Caspian together to support a loved one close to our hearts in his upcoming event on Sunday at church. So I am at this point tired and ready to read and get to sleep. He on the other hand has other ideas in mind.

Tonight my son wanted to delay the reading and play video games. But like I said earlier, it was much too late on a school night.

So we had a serious discussion. He actually enjoys discussing issues and having debates and making deals. It is always interesting I actually love listening to his mind work and hear his point of view on things. I feel as much as I try to reach him, he teaches me as well.

Tonight was different.

Tonight there was not a debate or deals. I was very serious and tired so I told him I wanted to read and get to sleep. He does not like when I am so serious. He wanted to be heard but as a parent discussions are not always up for debate. His and my best interest was precedent.

So he looks at me and says “mom,I think you need some Jesus” then he grabs his bible and flips through picking random bible verses and reading them to be. He even goes as far as to look on YouTube for worship music.

Let me tell you I was doing all I could to contain myself. God is so good! My son was flipping through the Bible by his own will and reading to me. One of those verses was

Philippians 2:6-11

6 who, though he was in the form of God,

did not regard equality with God

as something to be exploited,

7 but emptied himself,

taking the form of a slave,

being born in human likeness.

And being found in human form,

8 he humbled himself

and became obedient to the point of death—

even death on a cross.

9 Therefore God also highly exalted him

and gave him the name

that is above every name,

10 so that at the name of Jesus

every knee should bend,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

11 and every tongue should confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father

Then he said “mom, Jesus name is above all. We should kneel and say I love you Jesus!” So he was understanding and teaching me!

All my worry, All my concern washed away in that moment. All I can do is lay the foundation and one day he must choose to build upon it, on his own, by his own choice.

I am so thankful and grateful for such a wonderful church family that encourages, loves and support one another. It is truly important to stay close to a God and the church, the body of Christ Within that we establish confidence and strength

This pic is him looking for music to listen and his bible open to read. I could not be more proud in this moment.